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My work is dedicated to creating a sacred cocoon for all women, where each person can tune into their personal journey and understand themselves better.

Every aspect of my work, including creating keepsake jewellery, aims to help women connect with their own source, strength and intuition. Most importantly, learn to trust it. I believe we carry our healing abilities within, and it is vital we learn and continue to give back to ourselves- nobody can pour from an empty cup.

When mothers are wrapped in pure love and care, their own love hormones (oxytocin) flow freely, becoming healthier women, and better mothers. Read more about my why.”

My point of difference

In a space I create ripe for listening, I tune in and listen to your story.

My process is creative, wise and with reverence for transformation. As we share, I am in alignment with your narrative, soul and experiences. People seek me to work with them on their precious creations.

Following initial consultation (where you describe your wishes), we work together on the design, looking at the colours and materials to begin the process. Then, the creative work begins.

You trust me to hear you, to work with you and as I take my time, your precious keepsake jewellery is brought to life. Each piece is original and of the highest quality, with my own professional endorsement.

I am aware that you cannot shine without darkness. Some cannot stand the light. Others seek to find the light in each moment. Whatever you are experiencing or have experienced is safe with me and can be treasured this way.

In your keepsake you receive connectedness and sacredness.

Every keepsake jewellery piece is unique to you

When you are scrolling through my shop, there may be a colour combination you would like but can’t see. Let me know, and we can work with that choice together.

It is impossible to display all possibilities here as the variety and options are endless and deeply personal. If you have colours or a concept, for example from nature, a dress, child’s eye colour etc, send me a picture and I will do my very best to re-create what you desire.

I love that there are never two creations exactly the same- each piece is as unique as the person; as you and your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

I can craft keepsake jewellery with pretty much anything: Breastmilk, a first tooth, first lock of hair, dried placenta, pet fur, petals and botanicals, fabrics, elements from nature like sand, wood, shells etc. Please understand that at this stage I choose not to work with human ashes.

I’m drawn to dive deeply into the healing power of plants, botanicals and crystals. I enjoy incorporating these beautiful nature elements into my craft to give your piece a hint of magic.

As a Reiki master, each keepsake jewellery piece receives Reiki energy and LOVE (unless requested otherwise). I am always in love with each piece I create, and I want my clients to love them too.

I always craft from my heart and soul, and invite you to join me on the journey. With each piece I create, I work closely with you, keeping you informed about the process to ensure there are no misunderstandings and that the experience is seamless, easy and connected! Your input is invaluable because I want to create a piece that represents your unique journey – something you can treasure forever.

  1. Go to our shop and choose the desired design.
  2. Select your inclusions, colours, and design.
  3.  Complete your ordering process.
  4. Send your precious item/s to: PO Box 2556, Stoke, Nelson 7041.
  5. Once I receive your item(s), I will confirm they have arrived and will contact you for a personal consultation.
  6. Full payment must be completed before crafting begins.
  7. I will let you know when crafting has begun and work closely with you throughout the process. Once it is finished and you are satisfied, I will carefully courier your treasure(s) with any leftover inclusions. You will receive a tracking number and will need to sign on delivery to avoid lost parcels!

My aim is to craft for you as soon as possible. However, an order can take up to 3-4 weeks from the time inclusion/s are received for jewellery pieces and 6-8 weeks for guardians or some ring designs. It’s important for me to take the time each piece requires rather than rush the process. I can give you an idea of when I’ll start crafting your keepsake jewellery piece when you get in touch.

I’m looking forward to creating for you!

What our customers say

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