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Keepsake Jewellery from the heart

In each and every bespoke piece of keepsake jewellery, you receive care, focus, love and intention. I honour and respect each inclusion- be it breastmilk, a first tooth, or even sand from the beach meaningful to you.

Each piece is treated with respect throughout the whole process. In your trusting my creative energy, abilities and craft I offer you the highest integrity. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you on something that will last forever.

Check out our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for more information.

Please know that:

  • Each piece of keepsake jewellery will hold your only personal inclusions.
  • We work closely together throughout the crafting process.
  • I source high quality jewellery findings to complement your piece.
  • Your gems and final bespoke keepsake will be both beautiful and long-lasting.

If you’d like to read more about how I started my creative journey, please visit my blog.

How to order

Dreaming up your design

Carefully consider the inclusions you wish to create your keepsake jewellery with. The possibilities are boundless. When you choose your inclusion and know what you wish to create, please see my design options. Keep in mind that all colours can be customised to your preference.

Sending your inclusion to me

I do my best to ensure your inclusions are safe from the beginning of us working together. Once you place your order, you will receive an email detailing instructions, regarding packaging and sending your treasures. This is to ensure sending your items is stress free, and to give peace of mind to us all that your treasures will arrives safely to me.

Approving your design

You can be assured the whole process of creation is interactive and fully involves you. Because of our intent, we can create something you truly love. Your approval is needed before moving onto each stage of creation. Only once we have achieved this will your final
piece be on its way home to you, assured you are completely happy with the piece created.

Unsure of what you want exactly?

There will always be some little memory, item or experience we can work with. I am here to help your process in deciding what is best for you and your keepsake. You are welcome to message me to consult and explore the possibilities.


Hi – Welcome,

I am Marti, creator of precious keepsakes. It is my joy to welcome you to my Nelson-based, soul fuelled business supporting you through your journey. Along with creating precious keepsakes, I offer beautiful nurturing massages and bodywork, mother honouring ceremonies and postpartum doula support through my complementary business, LunaBloom.

Please know orders for keepsakes are open New Zealand wide.

What our customers say


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