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About My “Why”

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I’ve been interviewed by a beautiful magazine: The Inspired Guide

I thought I would share it here, so you can read a bit more about my “Why” and how my original business LunaBloom came to existence.

Can you tell a little bit about yourself and your work?

I am a Nelson-based, soul-fuelled mama-owned business supporting other women through their motherhood journey. The name of my business says it all: Luna represents the moon, fertility, the changing phases of a woman’s life, sacred cycle, and everything that is feminine and filled with mystery. A women’s ‘Bloom’ is the specific time of life I am focusing on. The mama in ‘Bloom’ is expecting babies and caring for their young ones. I offer beautiful nurturing massages, Mother Honouring Ceremonies, and creating precious forever keepsakes.

Tell us about your conscious business

When I had my two daughters, I experienced first-hand how it feels to be unsupported at a time when you need it most. Deep down I knew it was my calling to help mothers feel honoured, loved and cared for during pregnancy and postpartum. As a trained midwife, massage therapist, and creative soul, I launched LunaBloom to offer mothers a safe space to escape, relax and recharge their being. I provide nurturing, professional massage, sacred Mother Honouring Ceremonies, and craft precious keepsakes – to honour milestones and the transition from maiden to mother. I’m here to create a sacred cocoon, where women can tune into their own journey and understand it better.

How do you do business more ‘consciously’?

Through my massage and keepsake work, I tune in to the individual mother, working closely and checking in with her feelings and what she is going through. When creating keepsakes, I love to use elements of nature, especially aspects significant to the mother or the birth of their babies. My creations often incorporate healing herbs and crystals. With massage, my hands find the sore spots, and it is the same when I’m making a piece of jewellery – I set aside my ego, and allow things to unfold, flow and form under my hands. I come into my zone, where I am purely relaxed and uplifted each time.

Throughout the massage or keepsake creation journey, I am passionate about helping mums understand that everyone’s journey is different and to trust themselves and their mothering abilities. Each child brings different teachings and life lessons and motherhood is our chance to understand and learn more about ourselves.

Describe your unique business attributes.

Through every aspect of my work, I aim to help women connect to their own source, strength and intuition – and learn to trust it. I believe we carry our healing abilities within. By giving women the space to connect, I see them magically find their own way. It’s so important to give back to ourselves, nobody can pour from an empty cup. When mothers are wrapped in pure love and care, they let their own love hormones (oxytocin) flow freely, and become better mothers.

How have you found doing business in this way?

I live and breathe my work. I simply cannot exist without it. I feel as though it’s my third little baby – it has a personality, an entity. I feel humbled with the sense that I’m contributing something special to the world, by pouring love into one mother at a time. It feels like it’s flowing with no effort. The most beautiful people find me and it’s a true joy to work with all of them. My heart is full of love towards each mama I work with. It is a soulful journey for me, but it is more than that: This is who I am. I feel blessed to have found my life purpose doing what I really LOVE.


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