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Marti is one of the most gentle, loving, wise women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, and that certainly reflects in her work, her passion. She deeply cares for the women and babies she works with, leaving them feeling empowered and in an oxytocin bubble. I’ve been lucky to acquire a few of Marti’s pieces; a keepsake guardian that matched my personality so beautifully, a breast milk bead, a locket with a tiny breast milk heart inside, a precious leaf bead, a placenta cabochon (I’m birth worker so this just set my heart on fire!), and a moss bead. The moss bead was particularly special – I was so drawn to it for the longest time when Marti discovered that it represented healing grief. I had been on my own journey of grief for the past two years so this gave me chills! And that’s what she does, so beautifully, she really gets to know you, your own unique journey, and creates something unique and quite amazing. Thank you Marti!!

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