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Luna Bloom Affirmation Temporary Tattoos

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The power of visualisation is real. Zoning in on an image during a powerful and intense experience (such as birthing) can bring you strength, a sense of calm and pain distraction.

Luna Bloom have created four amazing original birthing temporary tattoo creations, designed in New Zealand – featuring traditional Aotearoa elements embedded with deep spiritual meaning and messages. Each tattoo lasts between three to four days. There are two pack options available:

  1. Pack of 20 with 5 of each design
  2. Pack of 100 with 25 of each design
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KORU FONDS – Breath and Open

Like a koru unfolds and opens, visualise the gently opening of your cervix and birthing body as you bring your baby Earthside. Focus your breath to where you’re feeling the most intensity and ease the discomfort with every exhalation. Trust that each breath and every heartbeat is bringing you closer to your baby. Call forth the intensity of birthing and set it free. Stand strong. This is your opportunity to greet a new beginning. Honour what is unfolding; the promise of tomorrow, the new little seed of life.


On the landscape of labour, there is nothing else to do but release all expectations, old beliefs, stories and who you once were. As light as a feather, you’re transforming into a completely new person. Tui is the keeper of sacred ways, a symbol to reassure you that you’re not lost, you are not alone, you are supported. Drifting through each surge, visualise the lightness of its feathers and the beauty of its sacred song, singing about creation. Even when the intensity is high, you can still remain calm, like in the eye of the storm. Find your centre, connect to the Earth and let go of your baby. Invite a new beginning into your life with a singing heart.

PAUA SHELL – Call in the Waves

The surges of your womb approach like waves on the ocean floor. Nothing can stop them. Each one is unique. Some are shallow and mellow, others stormy and intense. They will meet the shore no matter what. See your surges as waves. With each one, you are reaching out to the universe, calling your wee baby Earthside. Try not to resist the waves, call them in, embrace them, welcome them with love. See them as a necessity to meet your baby. Connect to the ocean’s beautiful paua shell, a gift with a hidden rainbow. You’re on a powerful journey, let paua light the way.

CABBAGE TREE – Trust and Surrender

Your birthing journey is yours and only yours. Like a cabbage tree, you are the sacred keeper of the essence of beauty and strength. When storms hit the land, the cabbage tree stands tall. Go deep and connect with your ancestors and all the women who have birthed before you. They are with and within you. Through their strength you can bring your baby to light. The cabbage tree will offer its arms to help you to surrender and embrace, to connect with your own feminine gifts. Trust the process. There is no space or need for control. You are loved, supported and nurtured.


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